Wind energy in Lithuania

In 2020 wind energy in Lithuania produced 1.54 TWh (1544 GWh) of electricity – 6.2 % more than in 2019, when 1.45 TWh (1453 GWh) was produced. This accounts for 14 % of Lithuania’s final electricity consumption.

In total, in 2020 renewable energy sources produced 2,44 TWh of electricity. Most of it – as much as 63% – was produced by wind energy. Renewables, in total, accounted for 22,2% of final electricity demand.

According to the Lithuanian transmission system operator Litgrid, a total of 540 MW of wind power plants are installed in Lithuania. This is almost 60 % of the total installed capacity of all renewable energy sources.

Wind energy in Europe

In 2020, wind has generated 16 % of Europe’s electricity needs. The largest share of wind generation was recorded in Denmark (48 %), Ireland (38 %), Germany (27 %), the United Kingdom (27 %) and Portugal (25 %).

Last year, 14.7 GW of new wind capacity was installed in Europe: 11.8 GW onshore and 2.9 GW offshore. However, in 2020, 6 % fewer wind capacity was installed in Europe than in 2019 and 19 % less than WindEurope predicted before the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, the development of wind energy in Europe, like many other sectors, slowed sharply.