Wind energy sector in Lithuania

In 2019, the wind parks operating in Lithuania produced 1,45 TWh (1453 GWh) of electricity. This is 13 % of Lithuania’s final electricity consumption. All renewable energy sources generated 2,9 TWh of electricity, which is 26 % of final electricity consumption in 2019.

There are currently 23 wind parks operating in Lithuania, with a combined capacity of 480 MW. According to Litgrid, a total of 533 MW have been installed in the country including smaller wind power plants.

Wind energy sector in Europe

In 2019, Europe installed 15,4 GW of new wind energy: 11 GW was installed onshore and 3,6 GW offshore.

According to WindEurope, the United Kingdom installed the most new wind farms – 2,4 GW (both onshore and offshore), Spain – 2,3 GW (onshore), Germany – 2,2 GW (both onshore and offshore), Sweden – 1,6 GW (onshore) and France – 1,3 GW (onshore). Wind farms, installed in the first four countries, accounted for more than half – 55 % – wind farms installed across Europe.

Outside of the European Union, from 600 to 800 MW of new wind power plants was installed by Norway, Turkey and Ukraine.

2019 installations were up 27 % compared to 2018. However, wind energy development in Europe should be accelerated to reach the goals set out in the Green Deal. The rate of installations should be doubled and the growth should be recorded both onshore and offshore.

A total of 205 GW of wind turbines is installed in Europe. Most of them are in Germany (61 GW), Spain (26 GW), the United Kingdom (24 GW), France (17 GW) and Italy (11 GW). About two thirds of Europe’s wind farms are installed in these countries, with the remaining one third coming from other countries in the region.