The highest authority of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association is the Members’ meeting, where every member has one vote.

Annual Members` Meeting makes changes to the Statute, elects and removes the members of the Council, fixes the initiation and membership fees and their order of payment, passes the annual accounts and the report on the activities of the Association, takes decisions on the matters of Association’s reorganization or elimination, also on the matters of the membership in international organizations.

The Council is a collegial organ of 6 members (5 members and the Chairman of the Council) elected for 2 year term. Presently the members of the Council are Aidas Bernatonis, Mindaugas Juodis, Linas Sabaliauskas and Paulius Saltonas, who is also the Chairman of the Council.

The Council takes decisions concerning the admission or the expulsion of members, hires and fires the Director;  approves the agreements of the Association; sets the budget of the Association; analyses the results of the Association’s activities, the documents of inventory and other accounting documents; proposes to the Members` Meeting the annual action plan and the report on the Association’s activities; executes the decisions of the Meeting; and takes decisions on other matters.

The Director of the Association is responsible for the arrangement of the Association’s activities and for achieving it’s goals; representing the Association in the Lithuanian authorities and Lithuanian and international organizations; providing the Meeting and the Council with all necessary information and documents; taking care of public relations and other matters. At present, Edgaras Maladauskas is the Director of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association.