Join the Association

Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LVEA) unites more than 60 % of Lithuanian wind energy producers, investors, manufacturers, equipment and service providers operating in wind sector. Members of the Association are business enterprises that are developing their business in wind energy sector. By participating in the association’s activities, they cooperate and provide a unified expert position to state institutions, develop international relations, react promptly to urgent issues of the wind energy sector and simultaneously solve emerging challenges.


The Association represents the interests of its members in public decision-making institutions, other organizations in Lithuania and abroad, and in most important events. Regularly providing relevant information and expert insights to both experts in the institutions and other sectors interested in wind sector. We also have contacts with representatives of the business sector, investors, other associations.

Regular informing

The Association provides its members with regular and reliable market reviews, including information on economic and political processes taking place in Lithuania, and events relevant to energy sector. We also regularly share relevant information from the wind energy sector and insights from the association’s experts, both with media representatives, and using our own communication channels – on our website, on our LinkedIn profile and in our newsletter.


Increase your visibility – information about your company and its logo will be used in LVEA communication channels and presentations. Information about your company will be distributed through our communication channels.


By becoming a member of the Association, you will meet regularly with other companies operating in the Lithuanian wind energy sector, expand your contact circle, find new business partners.

How to become a member of LVEA

Becoming a member is very simple. The member of LVEA may be any company or any person engaged in activities related to the wind energy sector. If you wish to join the Association, you should submit a free form request to the Association’s director. The decision on membership is taken in the next Council meeting.

Members’ fee

Category Installed energy Fee Eur/per year
Energy producer ≤ 350 kW 250 Eur
Energy producer >350 kW ≤ 2 MW 500 Eur
Energy producer > 2 MW 0,58 ct/kW, but  ≥ 14 500 Eur
Facility and service provider 2700 Eur
Other organisation 1000 Eur