Lithuanian Wind Power Association’s activities:

– analysis of the wind energy market’s dynamics and variations, research into Lithuanian wind energy perspectives;

– coordination of wind energy companies’ and other entities’ activities;

– research and analysis of international and regional science and technology achievements in the wind energy sector;

– participation in international conferences, collaboration with national and foreign industrial, scientific and public institutions and organisations;

– representation of the Association’s members at the authorities of the Republic of Lithuania, and the protection of their interests;

– lobbying and other activities related to wind energy promotion.

The Association pursues its activities in cooperation with national and international entities. In order to promote wind energy development, it also mediates the dialogue between wind power companies and the national authorities. The Lithuanian Wind Power Association is a member of the Lithuanian Renewable Energy Confederation, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and other national associations. The Association is also a member of European Wind Energy Association called Wind Europe.

Currently, Lithuanian Wind Power Association unites 45 members. The ecosystem is constantly growing.

The Association has been pursuing its activity since 2005.

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