About association
The Lithuanian Wind Power Association unites Lithuanian wind energy market participants, i.e. wind energy investors, facility producers, and service providers.
The Lithuanian Wind Power Association is attempting to assure the most favorable conditions for the development of wind energy projects, including fair legislation and an attractive business environment. One of the major objectives of the Association is to seek the decentralization of the national energy market, to achieve energy independence through the development of wind energy and to pursue the implementation of the EU’s renewable energy policy.
New standards for wind energy: members of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association commit themselves to cooperate more closely with local communities

Participants in the Lithuanian wind energy sector are setting new project development standards. They have made a commitment to seek partnerships with local businesses where possible when developing their projects. In this way, they will contribute to regional economic growth, while proactively involving the local communities in relevant discussions and maintaining an open dialogue with […]

Lithuanian wind power association