Lithuanian statistics

In 2020 wind energy in Lithuania produced 1.54 TWh (1544 GWh) of electricity – 6.2 % more than in 2019, when 1.45 TWh (1453 GWh) was produced. This accounts for 14 % of Lithuania’s final electricity consumption.

In total, in 2020 renewable energy sources produced 3.2 TWh of electricity. Most of it – as much as 48 % – was produced by wind energy.

According to the Lithuanian transmission system operator Litgrid, a total of 540 MW of wind power plants are installed in Lithuania. This is almost 60 % of the total installed capacity of all renewable energy sources.

In future, the amount of electricity generated by wind should increase. If Lithuania wants to achieve the 100% renewable electricity target by 2050, the amount of electricity generated by wind should triple by 2030.

Currently, new wind energy projects are being developed in more than ten Lithuanian municipalities, with a combined capacity of more than 800 MW. Most of the larger projects are developed on a commercial basis, without any state subsidies.