EU statistics

Last year, 14.7 GW of new wind capacity was installed in Europe: 11.8 GW onshore and 2.9 GW offshore. However, in 2020, 6 % fewer wind capacity was installed in Europe than in 2019 and 19 % less than WindEurope predicted before the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, the development of wind energy in Europe, like many other sectors, slowed sharply.

According to WindEurope, the largest number of new wind power plants installed last year was 1.9 GW in the Netherlands, 1.6 GW in Germany, 1.5 GW in Norway, 1.4 GW in Spain and 1.3 GW in France. These countries installed about 53 % of all wind capacity in Europe last year.

Last year, 2,918 MW of offshore wind capacity was installed in Europe. The largest number of offshore wind capacity was installed in the Netherlands (1,493 MW), Belgium (706 MW), the United Kingdom (483 MW), Germany (219 MW) and Portugal (17 MW). Average turbine power in 2020 was 8.2 MW, and the average size of wind park was 788 MW which was 26% higher than last year. The average distance of a offshore wind park to the coast was 52 km and the water depth averaged 44 meters.

In 2020, wind has generated 16 % of Europe’s electricity needs. The largest share of wind generation was recorded in Denmark (48 %), Ireland (38 %), Germany (27 %), the United Kingdom (27 %) and Portugal (25 %).

There is a total of 220 GW of wind capacity operating in Europe. Of all wind parks operatating in Europe, 65% are them are installed in five countries: Germany (63 GW), Spain (27 GW), the United Kingdom (24 GW), France (18 GW) and Italy (11 GW).