EU statistics

In 2018, the wind parks in Europe produced 362 TWh of electricity. That is 14 percent of the European Union (EU) electricity demand. This indicator is 2 percent higher than was recorded in 2017. 

In 2018, the total installed capacity of the wind power plants in the EU amounted to 11.3 GW –8.6 GW onshore and 2.65 GW offshore. By comparison, in 2017, the combined capacity of the newly installed wind parks amounted to 15.6 GW – 12.4 GW installed onshore and 3.2 GW offshore.

In 2018, the newly installed wind parks accounted for 49 percent of all new electricity generation units in Europe, and the total renewable energy resources accounted for 95 percent of the total installed capacity in Europe. This represents 10 percent more than in 2017. 

According to EurObserv’ER, the wind energy sector in the EU employed 309,000 professionals from various fields in 2016. It employs experts in investment opportunities, turbine operations and maintenance, and the production and sales of renewable energy equipment. 

In 2016, wind energy surpassed coal and became the second largest source of electricity generated in Europe.