2 new members join the Lithuanian Wind Energy Association


The Lithuanian Wind Energy Association (LVEA) continues to grow. Two new members have joined the organisation, which is now in its seventeenth year: the Baltic law firm Triniti Jurex and the international energy giant Total Energies. Both companies have a solid track record in the wind energy sector and will further strengthen the LVEA, which has over 40 members.

The LVEA’s newest members are

“Triniti Jurex is an innovative and internationally recognised law firm providing a full range of business law services in the Baltic States. The firm employs more than 90 professionals and provides services in 8 languages. The new LVEA member has expertise in the energy and environmental law sectors, covering litigation in the areas of electricity, renewable energy, conventional and nuclear energy, gas, oil and heat trading, waste management and energy litigation. He also has extensive experience in advising wind power project developers on legal issues.

“We are currently working on three wind power projects under development in Lithuania with a total installed capacity of more than 500 MW. We advise project developers on legal issues throughout the entire process, from the conclusion of acquisition transactions to the obtaining of a permit to produce electricity,” says Gintarė Ivanauskaitė.

Triniti Jurex was motivated to become a member of the LVEA by the desire to contribute to the establishment of the most favourable regulatory environment for the development of wind and other renewable energy sources, as well as the desire to receive up-to-date information on the problems faced by wind power developers and to help resolve them.

Another newcomer to the Association, the international energy company Total Energies, has ambitious goals for the future. The company is committed to bringing reliable, affordable clean energy to more and more people and to becoming one of the top 5 renewable energy producers by 2030.

The company operates in more than 130 countries with over 105,000 employees. The company is heavily involved in the development of offshore wind farms. Over the last 18 months, the company has assembled a portfolio of 12 GW of development and construction projects worldwide through acquisitions and open tenders. It is currently developing 5 projects in the UK, Taiwan, South Korea and the USA.

Offshore wind energy has also brought the company to Lithuania, where, according to its representatives, the market is very promising. Total Energies’ interest in the country’s market has led it to join LVEA, a platform for sharing experiences with other market players.

“We are delighted to join LVEA. The company will do its utmost to support the association and share its experience and knowledge with stakeholders to contribute to the development of the offshore wind market in Lithuania,” says Wilfried Vandersippe, Director of Offshore Wind Business and Development for Northern and Eastern Europe.

How to become a member of LVEA?

Becoming a member of the LVEA is very easy. LVEA members can be organisations or individuals, both in Lithuania and other countries, who are involved in activities related to the wind energy sector. Those who wish to join the association should submit a free form application in writing to the director of the association and pay a joining fee of 100 euros. The decision on membership is taken at the next Council meeting.

The Association brings together over 70% of the energy producers, investors, equipment and component manufacturers, and service providers operating in the Lithuanian wind energy market. Its members are business enterprises seeking to contribute to the development of wind energy in the country. By participating in the Association’s activities, they cooperate and provide a unified expert position to the state institutions, develop international relations, react promptly to the wind energy sector’s topicalities and jointly address the challenges.