ORLEN Lietuva joins the Lithuanian Wind Power Association as the 37th member


ORLEN Lietuva joins the Lithuanian Wind Power Association as the 37th member

The Lithuanian Wind Power Association is pleased to add another world-renowned company to its ranks – ORLEN Lietuva. ORLEN Lietuva, one of the largest companies in the region, not only refines oil and produces a variety of premium quality oil products, but also has a significant impact on the Lithuanian economy. The company is the only oil refinery in the Baltic States. In Lithuania, it is one of the most important entities in ensuring the energy security of the country and the region.  The company is continuously improving its operations and aims to become one of the most modern and efficient refineries.

Modernisation is one of the most important things for the company, enabling it to achieve the highest quality of its products, to keep up with the huge competition and to ensure the viability of its existing business. It’s not just about the external gloss of the company. There are many invisible things too – innovation is not just about new machines, but also about new process conditions.

ORLEN Lietuva is guided by the principles of business ethics and social responsibility. ORLEN Lietuva promotes cooperation and exchange of best practices among business enterprises, and strives to make Lithuanian industry and business competitive in both regional and global markets. During more than 40 years of its existence, ORLEN Lietuva’s activities and products have been appreciated both in Lithuania and internationally.

The company is currently actively exploring the potential for electricity generation from wind power.

The Lithuanian Wind Power Association now has 37 members, including power producers, equipment and service providers. The Association brings together and represents Lithuanian and foreign wind energy specialists and professionals.