LVEA membership surpasses half a hundred: joined „AR10“ „Taaleri Energia“ „Stiemo“


LVEA Membership Exceeds FiftyThree new members joined the Lithuanian Wind Energy Association (LVEA). The fast-growing association already has over 50 members active in the wind energy sector. The new members include Taaleri Energia, a renewable energy project developer and investor from Finland, AR10, a company specialising in transport infrastructure construction projects, and Stiemo, an energy construction company.

“Taaleri Energia, a Helsinki-based renewable energy project developer and fund manager, operates in several European markets, including the Nordic and Baltic countries. Recently, the company has been active in the Lithuanian renewable energy market, building three wind farms and developing several other renewable energy projects.

“LVEA plays an important role in enabling the sustainable growth of the wind energy sector and we look forward to an open dialogue within the association to share market knowledge, promote best practices and ensure a smooth transition to renewable energy. We hope that these discussions will benefit from our many years of experience in other European markets,” says Kai Rintala, CEO of Taaleri Energia.

AR10, a specialised transport infrastructure construction company, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, has also joined the association. The company’s work is mainly focused on the construction of commercial, industrial and warehousing facilities and local roads. A decade ago, the AR10 team built roads for some of the first major wind farms in the Tauragė and Pakruojis regions, and today counts itself as a contributor to the construction of 9 wind farms in the country. The company also provides more services to wind farms, such as setting up crane sites and carrying out the earthworks necessary for the installation of power plant foundations.

“Our experience, machinery, quarry management and flexibility can be of great benefit to current and future LVEA members in the development of wind farms. We aim to contribute to the rapid and successful development of green energy in Lithuania with our knowledge and membership of the association,” says Rimvidas Daunys, the company’s director.

The third newcomer is Stiemo, a company that builds renewable electricity sources and connects them to the electricity grid. Since the beginning of the development of renewable energy in Lithuania, Stiemo has been working with a number of major solar and wind farm developers, providing them with design services, construction work and equipment. “Stiemo has already connected 550 MW of solar and wind power plants to the country’s electricity grid and is preparing to connect another 1,100 MW in the near future.

“We have a wealth of technical expertise that is essential for the development of electricity projects. We are ready to share this knowledge and advise wind power developers. We also want to be as close as possible to the market players and feel the pulse of the news,” says Giedrius Lynykas, CEO of Stiemo.

How do I become an LVEA member?

Becoming a member of the LVEA is very easy. LVEA members can be both Lithuanian and foreign organisations or individuals involved in wind energy related activities. Those wishing to join the association should submit a free form application in writing to the director of the association and pay a joining fee of 100 euros. The decision on membership is taken at the next Council meeting.

The Association brings together over 70% of the energy producers, investors, equipment and component manufacturers and service providers operating in the Lithuanian wind energy market. Its members are business enterprises seeking to contribute to the development of wind energy in the country. By participating in the Association’s activities, they cooperate and provide a unified expert position to the state institutions, develop international relations, react promptly to the wind energy sector’s topicalities and jointly address the challenges.