Two new members in the Lithuanian Wind Power Association: Renerga-1 and Žalia galia


The Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LWPA) is growing and it has welcomed some new members: Kunigiškės wind park, managed by the Renerga-1 and small producer company called Žalia Galia. Including the new companies, the number of the members in the association has now grown to 22.

Kunigiškės wind park is located in Grikieniai Village of the Anykščiai Region, which is the most  easternmost wind park in Lithuania so far. Moreover, its turbines are the highest in the country. The height of their tower and blade amounts to 180 metres, which is 10 metres higher than the other wind turbines available in Lithuania. Despite its eastern location, the efficiency of the turbines is currently one of the best in the country. The wind park in Kunigiškės started operation in 2017, and is planning to annually produce 27 million kWh of electricity.

Žalia Galia is a representative of the small producers, who owns one 1.5 MW turbine in Jautkantaliai Village located in Tauragė Municipality. LWPA supports the development of single, small-scale wind turbines, as this will ensure a balanced distribution of turbines throughout the country’s territory and more stable network traffic. A large share of the electricity generated by the single turbines is consumed by the local businesses, farmers and residents, which promotes the interest and investments of these communities.

The Lithuanian Wind Power Association has been operating since 2005, and includes both investors and the suppliers of equipment and services in the wind energy area. The association has 22 members including energy producers, equipment manufacturers and service providers. In 2017, aside from the above-mentioned  producers, such companies as Siemens, Vestas and GE joined the association.

Members of LWPA currently own 11 wind parks and several single turbines. The total installed capacity owned by members of the association amounts to 305 MW and comprises 60 percent of Lithuanian market.