WindEurope event in Vilnius – Analysis of operating wind farms


On May 15-16, Vilnius will host the seminar of the WindEurope organisation to promote the European wind industry, which is intended for those who operate, maintain and are considering investing in wind energy. Relevant professional information will be also available to students and those with an interest in this area. During this two-day event, experts will present the innovations and their applications in the wind energy sector.

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Even though the wind energy price became particularly competitive in the past years, it is still important to continue improving the technology. The topic of this year’s seminar is big data. Experts will explain the possible applications and potential of big data. During the seminar, participants will learn how to tackle information processing challenges, while innovative and easy-to-adapt methods allowing for the efficient management and forecasting of information will be introduced.

Participants will also be offered information on enhancing the efficiency of the turbines. Experts from different countries will share their experiences and provide exampled-based recommendations gathered from operations involving thousands of wind parks.

On the second day of the seminar, the participants will have a chance to learn about machine learning and its applications in wind parks. Experts will share their insights on the innovations and will help participants to understand how to integrate automated management and operating diagnostics by the implementation of machine learning. Participants will also learn about the reduction of operating costs, as well as how to estimate the life-cycle of the wind turbines and will be introduced to strategies that could enable them to extend this cycle.

The seminar will offer both expert assessments and advice, and will introduce the activities and products available from the companies operating in the wind energy sector.