New members in the Lithuanian Wind Power Association


The Lithuanian Wind Power Association has undergone changes among its members. Five new members joined the association – Gridinta, DIAB, Green Genius, In Fatis representing the PP Baltic brand, E Energy Invest taking over E energija wind energy development activities and Green Genius replacing Axton Commodities.

Gridinta: energy projects in Europe and beyond

Gridinta operates in the wind, oil, gas, nuclear energy and other sectors, providing operation, inspection, installation, maintenance, dismantling and other services required by customers in Europe and beyond. In addition, it offers cost-effective project administration and implementation solutions, including the selection of technical specialists and their training according to customer requirements.

The company employs highly qualified industrial climbers with various categories of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certificates, which allow them to perform various work at height. Gridinta also has training centers in Lithuania and Latvia, where, among other things, innovative ways of working in wind farms are constantly being sought.

DIAB: production of composite materials for wind turbines

The world-famous company DIAB also joins the association. It is a production unit of the Swedish concern located in Šiauliai, which specializes in the production of composite materials for wind turbines. DIAB, which has been operating for 16 years, offers the most suitable technical solutions for the selection and processing of materials and their packaging. They are used by the company’s customers in Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and India.

The skilled team, modern environment and efficient production processes, ensured by TOC and Lean production management methodologies, create strong synergies, thanks to which the company is able to produce up to 300 sets of power plants of various sizes per month. Quality systems combined with complete process digitization ensure that customers receive high quality and properly packaged products in the shortest possible time.

In Fatis: alternative concrete reinforcement solutions

In Fatis, better known as PP Baltic , has 15 years of experience in the Scandinavian and 5 years of experience in the Baltic markets. It is an authorized partner of the Belgian polypropylene fiber manufacturer Adfil in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which offers alternative concrete reinforcement solutions. PP Baltic offers to make construction less polluting by replacing part of the reinforcing bars with polypropylene fiber reinforcement. Compared to steel reinforcement, this saves 60-90% of CO2 emissions.

Where reinforcement with polypropylene fiber alone is not sufficient, hybrid reinforcement with reinforcing bars and polypropylene fiber is performed. PP Baltic offers this type of hybrid reinforcement for use in wind power projects. In such projects, the company proposes to replace part of the reinforcement frame with polypropylene fiber reinforcement in base plates and to completely replace the reinforcement with steel in sites and access roads. This shortens the installation time, ensures a cheaper reinforcement method, and reduces CO2 emissions.

Green Genius: energy projects in eight countries

Renewable energy company Green Genius has replaced Axton Commodities in the Lithuanian Wind Power Association. Green Genius is developing biogas and solar energy projects in eight European countries, including Italy, Spain, Poland and others.

About 200 professionals across Europe work with Green Genius-branded green energy projects. The company is currently actively interested in the potential for electricity generation from wind energy. Green Genius is part of the Modus Group, an international group of companies operating in twelve European markets.

E Energy Invest: development and management of wind energy projects

And last but not the least, E Energija was replaced by E Energy Invest in the association. The E Energija Group has successfully implemented more than 30 MW of wind power projects, from now on these and future projects will be managed and developed by E Energy Invest. 

The Lithuanian Wind Power Association now has 35 members, including electricity producers, equipment and service providers. The association unites and represents Lithuanian and foreign specialists and professionals working in the field of wind energy.