Nearly 200 wind power specialists extended their knowledge at the WindEurope seminar in Vilnius


The WindEurope seminar in Vilnius attracted more than 180 wind power specialists from Lithuania and abroad who work in both the private and public sectors.

At the seminar, attendees extended their knowledge on the new techniques and technologies that can help to lower inputs for wind farms, increase their output and facilitate the technical supervision of turbines.

The event was officially opened by Aistis Radavičius, head of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association, who said: “We are very happy about our partnership with WindEurope in recent years. Lithuania is already among the top 10 European countries in terms of generating electrical energy from wind. We want not only to stay in this top-10 list, but also to triple the amount of electrical energy generated by the wind; by 2030, this should reach around 40 per cent of the whole country’s power demand.”

Žygimantas Vaičiūnas, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, also greeted participants at the seminar. He emphasised wind energy as the main resource for producing clean electrical energy in Lithuania. The minister promised to organise an auction in 2019 during which wind capacities of 250 MW will be allocated, helping to achieve the country‘s renewable energy goals.

At the two-day event, 25 presentations took place at which data from the world’s wind farms were presented and discussed. This included how data collected during the use of wind farms is used by producers; what methods are used to detect malfunctions; how output is determined using the collected data and comparative analysis methods; the innovative methods and tools used to help detect the causes of damage to the production; and innovative technologies (such as advanced sensors and drones) that are used more now in producing energy and will be applied more in future.