Four new members from Lithuania and foreign countries join the ranks of the LWPA (Lithuanian Wind Power Association)


Four new members have joined the Lithuanian Wind Power Association. These are Swedish company OX2, a producer of renewable energy in the Nordic countries; Innogy, a German energy company; Norwegian company Axpo Nordic; and Lithuanian company Dolomitas, which controls wind farm in Pakruojis.

Swedish company OX2 is a leader in onshore wind farms in the Nordic countries. In collaboration with partners, the company has been involved in green, renewable energy since 1991. OX2 is responsible for the technical supervision of 175 wind farms and the supply of electrical energy that it produces in various countries. The capacity of all the company’s wind turbines is 480 MW. They produce around 1.5 TWh of electrical energy in a year. Since 2017, OX2 has controlled a wind farm in Mažeikiai that consists of 19 wind turbines with 45 MW capacity that belong to IKEA Group. That is one of the most effective wind farms in Lithuania.

German company Innogy is one of the biggest companies implementing wind energy projects in Europe. The company supplies around 22 million customers in Europe with electricity produced from renewable sources. The capacity of offshore wind farms controlled by Innogy is 925 MW, and more than 2100 MW onshore. The company also works in the areas of solar and hydroelectric power.

Norwegian company Axpo Nordic currently participates only in the wholesale electricity market of the Baltic countries. The company‘s products and solutions are mostly adapted to large-scale partners in the electricity market. Axpo Group produces and sells electric energy to more than 3 million private clients and thousands of companies in over 30 European countries.

Through its work in the renewable energy sector, Lithuanian company Dolomitas aims to contribute to environmental preservation and protection. In line with growing international standards and EU regulations in the environmental sector, three wind turbines were built under the company‘s initiative in autumn 2010. In Akmenėliai village near Pakruojis, a wind farm produces 1.2 GWh of green energy in per month and transfers it to distribution networks. This represents almost a quarter of the amount of electricity used in Pakruojis district.