LWPA appealed to the Government: the development of renewable energy could boost the entire economy of the country


Lithuanian Wind Power Association, taking into account the unprecedented challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, called on the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to consider the development of the renewable energy sector as one of the main measures to stimulate the economy during this difficult period.

“The pace and sustainability of economic recovery will depend on the actions we all take together in the coming months. For maximum benefit, they should focus not only on short-term but also on long-term effects. This is one of the reasons why Europe is currently being called upon to see the Green Deal as the cornerstone of the region’s economic response to the pandemic. Therefore, we urge the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to follow the international recommendations – now more than ever it is important to focus on the transition to clean energy consumption, maintaining high pollution reduction standards and directing public investments to environmentally friendly initiatives,” says Aistis Radavičius, the CEO of Lithuanian Wind Power Association.

According to him, initiatives to promote renewable energy and speed up the development of projects can contribute to job creation (often in more remote municipalities) and benefit the country’s economy as a whole.

More information and association proposals to the Government can be found in the attached document or in a recent opinion article.