Lithuanian Wind Power Association is growing rapidly – PASSER SIDC is joining



Lithuanian Wind Power Association is expanding rapidly – PASSER SIDC joins

The number of members of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LVEA) is growing rapidly, and this time the association welcomes the international company PASSER SIDC Group. As part of the PASSER GROUP, the company carries out diverse and complex projects in the manufacture of renewable energy equipment, large steel structures for offshore and onshore wind parks, etc. PASSER SIDC Group companies offer a full range of services, from design, project management, manufacturing and installation work, to the preparation of necessary documentation.

The company’s areas of expertise also include, but are not limited to, activities such as production process management, welding and assembly coordination, quality control, body and structural assembly, decoration works, structural and piping assembly, machining of various materials, working with steel and aluminium products.

PASSER SIDC Group companies own three production halls with a total area of 3000 square meters and two paint chambers for large metal products, located near the quays of Klaipėda Port, which allows for convenient loading of products onto ships for further transportation. PASSER SIDC Group is also currently constructing a new 5,200 square meters production facility in Klaipėda, next to the harbour quay.

The company has a wide range of experience in the installation of onshore and offshore projects, both in Europe and abroad. PASSER SIDC Group has contributed to the installation of Triton Knoll East, Triton Knoll West substations and the Moray offshore platform. For these projects, the company has provided maintenance, servicing, cable duct and tray installation and HV/MV/LV electrical installation services. Together with its partners, it carried out activities in the project “Bultengaats OHVS 2” in the Netherlands for the installation of offshore structural frames. The Group’s companies in their workshops in Klaipėda manufacture a variety of certified equipment – reels, baskets, carousels and lifting devices – for marine and other cable manufacturers around the world.

Highly qualified, certified specialists are involved in every step of the project. The quality of the company’s work is guaranteed by certifications such as DNV GL and ISO 9001.

The LVEA currently has 36 members, including electricity producers along with equipment and service providers. The association unites and represents Lithuanian and foreign wind energy professionals.