Lithuanian Wind Power Association changes its head


Lithuanian Wind Energy Association changes its head

Urtė Daškevičiūtė, Director of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LVEA), which unites the wind energy sector, is leaving her position. She will be replaced by Edgaras Maladauskas, who will act as interim Director of LVEA.

“Although the past year has been very intense, I am grateful for the opportunity to observe Lithuania’s energy transformation up close. I am pleased to see that wind energy has become a priority area and that today we are talking loudly and much more confidently about its breakthrough. Words are becoming real actions, not only in the mouths of institutions but also in the mouths of society. We have understood that wind energy is not only clean, cheap energy, but also energy that guarantees national security. That was my aim,” said U. Daškevičiūtė.

Daškevičiūtė has been the head of the Association for a year. Although she is leaving her position as Director of the Association, she will continue her career in the renewable energy sector.

“On behalf of the Association, I would like to thank Urte Daškevičiūtė for her sincere work and the results she has achieved,” said Paulius Saltonas, Chairman of the Board of LVEA.

The decision on the appointment of the new Director of the Association will be taken by the LVEA Council. According to Mr Saltonas, this will be decided in a few months. Until then, Mr Maladauskas will take over as Director of the LVEA from 1 June.

“I know the wind energy sector well from different perspectives and I look forward to making a successful contribution to the Association’s activities and to the implementation of the wind industry’s goals in Lithuania. I have also helped the Association for several years with the WindMission wind energy conference in Vilnius. I have a goal and a vision that renewable energy will become a major energy and economic driver for both Lithuania and Europe,” says E. Maladauskas.

Maladauskas has been working in the wind energy sector for more than five years and is also a professional expert technician for wind turbines.

LVEA members include about 60% of the energy producers, investors, equipment and component manufacturers, and service providers in the Lithuanian wind energy market. Members of the Association are business enterprises that want to contribute to the development of wind energy in the country. By participating in the Association’s activities, they cooperate and provide a unified expert position to the state institutions, develop international relations, react promptly to the wind energy sector’s topicalities and jointly address the emerging challenges.