LVEA ranks are growing: joined „GrECo Sagauta“ „BE Constructive“ „Evecon“


LVEA grows: three new members 

The LVEA’s membership continues to grow. The new members strengthen the voice of the association and show how strong the wind energy sector is growing and developing in Lithuania. Introducing the newest members of the association – “GrECo Sagauta”, an insurance brokerage company, “BE Constructive”, a construction management and maintenance company, and “Evecon”, a solar and wind farm developer.

GrECo Sagauta, an insurance brokerage company, has been working in the insurance sector in Lithuania since 1996. Since 2019, the company has been a member of the GrECo Group, a leading Central and Eastern European insurance brokerage group, and the GrECo nova broker network. It is the second largest insurance services company in the Baltics, with a network of 15 offices in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, employing over 200 people. The company’s core business is risk management and insurance services, and it has also gained experience in wind energy projects.



“Our clients are companies developing, operating or servicing wind farms, which use our selected basic physical damage insurance solutions as well as special insurance products that are needed at different stages of wind power project development and operation and are related to industrial design, construction, equipment installation and operation”, – says Ramūnas Brazaitis, an expert in energy insurance types at GrECo Lithuania.

GrECo Sagauta was motivated to join LVEA by the country’s rapid development of renewable energy and the increased demand for sustainable energy, which dictate the importance of the sector for the national economy. Equally important is the desire to be closer to market participants, who can benefit from the company’s choice of appropriate risk management and insurance solutions.

Brazaitis hopes that their expertise and long experience in international insurance markets will allow them to share information relevant to the renewable energy sector in an appropriate and timely manner, while creating value for LVEA members.

Another newcomer to the LVEA, BE Constructive, a construction management and maintenance company, is well known in the Lithuanian wind energy sector. The company provides construction management and maintenance for 6 wind farms (55 turbines) with a total installed capacity of 211.7 MW. As a member of the LVEA, BE Constructive aims to continue to provide construction management and maintenance services for wind farms and to assist developers in implementing their projects while controlling their quality, time and budget.

“We manage the construction of wind projects and oversee the construction process and quality assurance, which is very important because poor quality work or delayed construction can be very costly. The company has extensive experience in international cooperation, and we look forward to being a strong member of LVEA, which will help park developers to strengthen the implementation of their projects, from the planning stage and sourcing of financing to the team’s work on the construction site,” says Šarūnas Survila, Head of Development.

The third new member of the association is Estonian wind and solar park developer Evecon, which entered the Lithuanian wind energy sector two years ago. The company is currently developing three wind energy projects in Lithuania with a total capacity of 45 MW and 90 MW hybrid parks.



The company was motivated to join the association by the growth of the wind energy sector and the highly dynamic environment, as well as by the desire to ensure that the ongoing changes benefit Lithuania and the development of wind power projects in the country.

“As a member of the Association, we hope to stay up-to-date with legal and other developments in the sector, to react and contribute to the creation of the best legal environment for the development of wind energy in the country. Moreover, it is important for us to establish close relations with other members of the association, who, I have no doubt, are united by the same goals – a promising future for wind energy,” says Giedrius Kvedaravičius, Director of Evecon UAB and member of the Board.

How to become a member of the LVEA?

Becoming a member of the LVEA is very easy. LVEA members can be organisations or individuals, both in Lithuania and in other countries, engaged in activities related to the wind energy sector. Those wishing to join the association should submit a free form application in writing to the director of the association and pay a joining fee of 100 euros. The decision on membership is taken at the next Council meeting.

The Association brings together over 70% of the energy producers, investors, equipment and component manufacturers, and service providers operating in the Lithuanian wind energy market. Its members are business enterprises seeking to contribute to the development of wind energy in the country. By participating in the Association’s activities, they cooperate and provide a unified expert position to the state institutions, develop international relations, react promptly to the wind energy sector’s topicalities and jointly address the challenges.