International Wind Energy Conference – Transforming the country’s electricity sector


International Wind Energy Conference – Transforming the country’s electricity sector

20-21 January WINDMission Lithuania 2022, for the third time, will take place in Lithuania on 20-21-21. The Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LVEA), together with renewable energy professionals The Voice of Renewables, will bring together business and government representatives, experts from Lithuania and abroad for a joint discussion on the wind energy sector and its future.

“Our energy sector today is undergoing a huge transformation and the future belongs to green, renewable energy. This is not only a question of climate impact, but in Lithuania’s case it is also an important condition for energy independence, so we need to ensure that the successful development of wind energy develops at an even faster pace,” says Dainius Kreivys, Minister of Energy, who will be attending the conference.

Presentations and discussions will focus on Lithuania’s energy policy and its potential to become an electricity exporter by 2030, the transformation of the country’s electricity sector, the development of wind energy in the Baltic States, as well as the attractiveness and accessibility of wind energy for end users. Particular attention will be paid this time to the development of offshore wind and the opportunities, procedures and risks involved.

Lithuania’s Renewable Energy Strategy sets ambitious targets

The Minister of Energy, D. Kreivys, recently presented an updated Lithuanian Renewable Energy Strategy, which sets even more ambitious targets: the aim is to have 3.6 GW of installed capacity of onshore wind power plants and 1.4 GW of offshore wind power plants by 2030. The current installed capacity of onshore wind power plants operating in Lithuania amounts to 660 MW, which will soon rise to 800 MW once the projects under development are completed.

The updated strategy also foresees that electricity from renewable energy sources will account for up to 70% of electricity consumption by 2030 (previously 45%) and 100% by 2045, compared to the previous target of 100% by 2050.

According to LVEA Director Urtė Daškevičiūtė, these much more ambitious targets send a clear message that wind energy in Lithuania is one of the strategic sectors for Lithuania’s energy independence.

“In the third quarter of last year, we recorded the largest order for wind turbines in Lithuania’s history, ranking second in Europe. However, we are still lagging behind the European average in terms of the amount of electricity produced from wind. For this reason, we need to surpass last year’s record this year if we want to achieve even more ambitious renewable targets,” said U. Daškevičiūtė.

She said that the development of offshore wind farms will be of particular importance for Lithuania’s energy independence.

“We still have land areas in Lithuania where wind farms could be built, but we should look towards the sea. This requires that the first offshore wind farm is allowed to start by 2024 and that park developers are given every opportunity to be involved in the development of offshore wind farms,” explains the LVEA Director.

Industry leaders to meet in Lithuania

The conference will bring together wind energy sector leaders and decision-makers from across Europe – from policy makers and developers to service providers and independent renewable energy consultants

“Representatives from the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, the State Energy Regulatory Council, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid, and the Port of Klaipėda will be among the speakers and panellists. Speakers from abroad – Estonia, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Finland and Poland – are also expected to attend. Private business representatives will also be speaking,” says U.Daškevičiūtė.

The international conference brings together several hundred wind energy professionals and enthusiasts each year and is the largest conference dedicated exclusively to the wind energy sector in the country.