ABB in Lithuania: wind power plants can also be controlled from the cloud


The maintenance of wind power plants, the successful implementation of electricity transmission network projects in the world’s outermost regions, and the installation of thousands of components in wind parks around the world – this is only a small part of the achievements of the energy and automatization technology company ABB, which has been operating in Lithuania for more than twenty-five years. ABB’s activities include the development of electricity transmission networks, the implementation of distribution substation projects, the development of medium and low voltage products, and industrial automatization projects. In addition, ABB has created about 80 jobs in Lithuania.

The ABB specialists can take care of wind power plants throughout their lifecycle: from the building of the plant to repairs or even decommissioning. In addition, the ABB high voltage direct current (HVDC) network solutions integrate wind power into common transmission networks. This technology, which has also been adapted to use in the LitPol Link power link between Lithuania and Poland and the NordBalt connection with Sweden, allows the amount of transmitted energy loss to be reduced and to match the different types of renewable energy in the network. 

Global leaders in wind power maintenance

In the international market, ABB is best known as a manufacturer of equipment for wind parks. It is estimated that ABB equipment has been installed in more than 40,000 wind power plants. Although wind power plants are massive structures, their mechanisms consist of many small parts that lead to efficient operations. For example, the specialists at ABB have estimated that a modern, small engine starter installed in a power plant can save time by up to 45 percent compared to conventional systems.

The ABB digital solutions are inseparable from today’s wind energy trends. The company’s generators, power converters and transformers form an electrical system that digitilizes the data from the power plant in seconds. Real-time indicators are then transferred to a cloud-based computing repository that is easily accessible for analysis. The algorithms used by the ABB Ability™ system can quickly detect deviations and correct problems, which helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The latest ABB WindStar transformers are currently being installed in one of the largest floating offshore wind parks. The height of these wind turbines in Portugal is as high as 190 metres, making these structures twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty in New York. The company’s transformers have been specially designed to withstand the strong vibrations and sudden movements that may interfere with offshore wind power. The small and innovative ABB electronic components also ensure the highest wind power efficiency both at sea and on land.

More about the company:

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leader in the fields of power grids, electrification products, industrial automatization, and robotic and gear innovative technologies. It serves customers in the energy, industry, transport and infrastructure sectors worldwide. Through continuing a history of innovations for over 130 years, ABB is creating the digital future of the industry. ABB is currently expanding the range of e-mobility and contributing to a sustainable future by becoming an international FIA Formula E racing partner. In total, ABB employs about 147,000 employees in more than 100 countries.