20 percent production jump in wind turbines in October


During the tenth month of this year, the energy production from wind continued to increase. In October, compared to September, the amount of electricity generated grew by one fifth.

According to the latest data from the Lithuanian Energy Exchange Baltpool, the production of wind parks operating in Lithuania in October amounted to 133.4 GWh of electricity. To be compared: in September, production was just over 111 GWh.

“October was a favourable month for electricity production in wind parks. As we can observe, the data shows that on some extremely windy days this month, wind parks produced about one quarter of the country’s final electricity consumption. In October, such results often allowed us to see Lithuania among the highest rankings of the wind power-producing European countries. In addition, this was one of the factors that had an impact on the price decrease on the Nord Pool exchange market – the price of electricity in Lithuania fell by 9 percent,” said Aistis Radavičius, Executive Director of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association.

He noted that the last quarter of the year is usually windy. According to the data of the Lithuanian Hydro-meteorological Service, in October, the highest wind speed in the country was 14-20 m/s, while on the seaside it reached 21-24 m/s. If the weather remains favourable during the last months of the year, the total production output for 2018 could reach 1.2 TWh.

In total, during the first ten months this year, almost 942.5 GWh of electricity was produced. However, this result is 11 percent less then last year, when a total of more then 1 TWh was produced after ten months.

At present, there are 23 wind parks operating in Lithuania with a combined capacity of 480 MW. Together with small wind producers, a total of 539 MW has been installed in Lithuania.